Services We Provide.

Carpet Cleaning

Portable carpet cleaners allow  us to quickly remove spills, pet accidents and set-in stains with our portable carpet cleaners.combines with strong spray and suction to clean carpets without blotting or scrubbing and makes for an excellent spot and carpet cleaner.

Patio Pressure Washing

Our patio pressure washing services will remove  mildew, dirt, and excessive pollen dust  from your homes exterior hard surfaces. We use professional equipment and chemicals that cut right through even the dirtiest patios .

Tile and Grout Cleaning

 Over time tile floors, grout, and surfaces lose their shine and luster. Because grout is porous and absorbs all the dirt and debris on it, mopping only removes surface soil and not the embedded dirt that causes the grout to become dull. With our Hydro Force SX-12 We can easily restore your tile and grout back to normal.

Medical Facility Cleaning 

Maintaining a clean environment in a medical facility is critical. A clean facility reduces the risk of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) to patients, and allows your staff to work in a safe and healthy environment. A clean medical facility has higher ratings, which can lead to more business, and profitability.​.

Reo/ Foreclosed Cleaning

REOs (Real Estate Owned) properties, held by banks and other financial institutions, are facing a huge need for foreclosure cleanup services. Abandoned homes leave an incredible amount of items that need to be hauled off. Even if you have to rent one, the cost can be added to your fee ensuring that we complete the job for you.

We offer the pre-sale cleaning as well.

Construction Cleaning

Properly cleaning up a construction site or Renovation is about more than simple housecleaning or even deep cleaning and debris removal. 

It includes everything from clearing the walls of scuff marks and smudges to detailing floors and scraping windows. This helps property owners ensure that everything is in place, secure,  and safe.

CCS offers this service for Commercial and Residential

Move in/Move out

Our move in / move out cleanings are Intensely thorough, designed to prepare a home for a new tenant. Houses and apartments can gather years of dust and grime left by previous tenants. From top to bottom, we’ll clean and sanitize everything, and give you a stress-free welcome to your property.

Window Cleaning

Windows come in all shapes and sizes whether its a commercial or residential property. We will remove fingerprints, smudges, cobwebs, and other stains.

CCS Focuses on 2 story only window cleaning.

Office Cleaning

 CCS  will sweep, vacuum, and mop office floors by using a variety of equipment and supplies. We ensure that cleaning liquids are mixed in correct and in safe quantities.

 Our techs wipe down desks ,chairs, and  counters.We make sure that all stubborn smears, smudges, and marks are removed using appropriate cleaning materials. We regularly empty trash cans and ashtrays and make sure that all trash is properly disposed of. We also clean and wash down windows and ensure that they are dried properly. To ensure that the office kitchen and equipment is properly cleaned and maintained we use a quality control check list. CCS will also wash down restrooms and ensure they are sanitized properly

Janitorial Cleaning

Our cleaning and maintenance duties are not limited to common area cleaning. CCS takes pride in cleaning, taking out trash, mopping floors and restrooms, sweeping and managing supply inventories. We also provide and perform basic maintenance, such as changing light bulbs and fixing door knobs.