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March 15, 2018

5/6/18 Facebook Contest

πŸ˜‡FREE FUN GIVEAWAY!πŸ˜‡ God has blessed us tremendously and we want to return that to our community and to a church in need! Bergen and Passaic Counties have some amazing churches and everyone is proud of their church! So we are giving away a carpet and tile cleaning to the church with the most votes on this post! A $500 maximum value! (That's right, $500) ❀️ Share this post far and wide and get the votes out. ❀ As a community let's rally around a church with the biggest need! The church with the most comments wins. Very simple. The winning church will be announced on May 21st. The only rule is the church must be located in either Bergen or Passaic County. Have fun with this and good luck! If your church is in need and this would be a huge blessing comment this below with a small explanation so our community can bless the church with a big need! πŸ’’πŸ™

Internet Searches


Tip of the Day:

 When searching for post construction Projects or any cleaning projects for that matter, don't sell your self short. The most obvious search result would be for contractors and construction companies right? But let me open your eyes to something. These companies are and will not be the only ways to get in the door to do some cleaning projects.You need to be creative in finding these projects. The internet has a plethora of information that can make you a millionaire in less than a year. Everything I do is free. I rarely pay for anything and get results. It may take me longer to get there but I rather have slow growth than no growth. Take the time to learn and educate yourself with the terms in this industry to reap the gold on the internet!!! Below is a short snippet from my book on defining your target:

Applicant - An individual who has applied for a building permit (usually a company contact)

Contractor-Owner - A general contractor who owns the land with the intent to build and sell

Contractor - A general contractor hired by an individual or company to build

Developer - A property owner who has hired a general contractor to build for sale or lease

Owner - An individual property owner who has hired a general contractor and will occupy the building

Owner-Builder - A single property owner who has acted as their own general contractor and will occupy the building


A company who has hired a general

contractor and will occupy the building or space

Owner-Contractor - A company who has acted as their own general contractor and will occupy the building or space

Tenant - A company who will be leasing and occupying the building or building space


Photo Marketing Tips

Thought for the day

Marketing: save your before and after pics regularly and keep them either in your email, cloud, or a thumb drive. It took me almost 3 days tracking down all my photos of jobs and another 24 hours to organize them πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ dates, locations, and job description.

Now here is the πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° : You can not be mad😠 by the type of customers you get. Change your marketing change your customer base. As you drive to your office or first job today think of how you used to market. Look at your pics and marketing now. Is it time to pay someone? Is it time to hire someone for that position? Do you need to figure it out before you hand it over completely? Just some thoughts for you today.~Chief

"The Key πŸ”‘ is No Matter What Story You Tell, Make The Buyer The Hero"

Marketing And Branding For Free On The Internet

If your just starting out in the construction and cleaning industry here are some great tips and resources to get you off your feet and get the phone ringing. Don't forget to subscribe for more tips and tricks. I hope you enjoy ~Chief

Post Construction Cleaning: Every bid and job are not the same!

In this Video I discuss how and why every job and bid are not the same! This video was made because some one asked me a question in our post construction cleaning group. 

Post construction cleaning:

 letter of introduction tips

In this video you will learn to get contracts from a letter of introduction. You must first get the contact info! Have a intro ready! Click the video for more tips!

Chief Cleaning: Flat mop wall cleaning and wallpaper glue removal

In this video we show you how to clean walls on a post construction cleaning job. We also explain why it's important to dust walls especially with dry wallpaper glue.